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4 Ways to Repurpose Old Sweaters

Treehugger / Sanja Kostic

It’s a new year – the perfect time to clean out those closets and purge what no longer serves you or brings you joy. If you find a sweater or two that have taken up permanent residency in the deepest darkest depths of your closet, don’t just toss them in the donate pile or trash! Consider some of these DIY ideas to upcycle those cozy yet seen-better-days sweaters.

Side note: You’re bound to find even more ideas with a few searches on the internet, but we stuck with some quick and simple no-sew DIY ideas.

1) Leg Warmers / Boot Toppers

Stylish, practical, super easy to make. Cut the sleeves off of a sweater and slide onto your leg, using the wider end of the sleeve to go up your calf and the narrower end around your ankle. Trim excess material to the desired height from the end around your calf, allowing for extra material to be scrunched down length of leg. Fold down material around your calf, creating a casual cuff. Wear layered over leggings, under jeans for extra warmth, or pair with a skirt/dress for a winterized look.

2) Fingerless Gloves

Cut sleeves off sweater and trim to preferred length on arm. Make a hole for your thumbs and you’re all set! Fingerless gloves are perfect at keeping hands and arms warm while allowing your fingers to remain open and fully functional.

3) Mug Cozy

Cut a strip of old sweater and attach with Velcro or a button around a Mason jar or coffee mug. Cozies are a great way to help keep beverages warm or to protect your hands from hot temperatures. These can be especially helpful for people who suffer from neuropathy.

4) Sweater Wreath

This is an adorable and fairly easy way to repurpose a sweater. No sewing is required but you will need a hot glue gun. Warm up your front door or interior space with a cozy woodland-themed wreath. Instructional video courtesy of Rosyscription.

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