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Riverside Cafe was going strong.  It was started and owed by a Greek family who also start

The Building

Random Catch is located in a 100+ year old restored building located at the corner of Water Street and Avenue G.  The local story is that the building is part of the original wooden Chapman School and was moved to its’ current location where it became the Riverside Café.  The depot of the Apalachicola Northern Railroad which ran parallel along Water Street was directly across Avenue G from the restaurant providing a steady stream of customers.

Mr. Robert Howell, twice mayor of Apalachicola between 1990 and 1998 remembers, “The old depot was down there and the old Riverside Café.  John Ida owned the Riverside Café down there and he made all of his lemon and coconut pies, and I would be delivering newspapers at 4:30 and 5:00 in the morning.  I’d go by there and that smell would be the purtiest of anything in the world.  Didn’t have a dime to buy a piece and he would say, “Hay boy, come here and tell me how good this pie is.”  And he’d cut a piece and I’d say, “That’s good”.  And he’d say “That’s what I needed to know.”

The building was restored and brought back to life in 2015 by owners Kris and Cindy Clark and numerous craftsmen.  The building is now home to Random Catch and compliments our curated collection of vintage and vintage inspired finds, antiques and other cool stuff.

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